What are we all about?

In the world of hockey, we all recognize the crucial role of a goalie. However, securing a dependable goalie can sometimes pose a challenge, particularly in urgent situations. That’s where Book A Goalie steps up to assist. We are dedicated to providing quality goalies for hockey games, practices, and scrimmages in Toronto, Canada, as well as various locations across the United States.

Book A Goalie is operated by experienced goaltenders with a wealth of expertise in offering goalie rental services. Our ultimate goal is to deliver outstanding service by offering top-notch goalies, prompt responses, and an overall excellent experience. Whether you’re in Toronto or the United States, our services are available to cater to your needs.

Our Rates

Book A Goalie offers competitive rates for goalie rentals.
First Hour: $60 (Canada) or $72 (USA)
Each additional 1/2 hour: $15
We also offer special rates for frequent bookings, such as season-long rentals

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Book A Goalie is flexible in payment methods; accepting cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo (US Residents Only).